How to make content that converts customers (without talking to them!)
How to make content that converts customers (without you talking to them!)
September 8, 2023
Maddie Wang founders of founders cafe solo founder
Maddie Wang
Gay / Bootstrapped to 450k / ex Stanford

When I was building Founders Cafe (12k MRR), I had tons of fireside chats, talks, and coaching calls I would turn into content.

I KNEW content was important. But I had no time to write it.

I tried hiring a writer but the content sounded generic/not like me >:(

All the best ones were like 10k+ a month.

I needed a way to have high quality content at a reasonable price point...

I built the initial prototype to solve my own problem. Now we help thought leaders at Pear VC, Series B Consulting, and Series A growth teams, share their voice.

I want to help fellow Founders and growth teams who also have a backlog of these conversations, and need a way to get consistent, quality thought leadership from them.
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