How to make content that converts customers (without talking to them!)

September 8, 2023

Today, a new client paid me $1k without even talking to me.

How is that possible?

I was shocked…

When I first started Founders Cafe, I used to believe in spam marketing.

I would join tons of Reddits, slacks, discords, and spray out the Founders Cafe name.

Each week, I would get a trickle of leads coming in.

So exciting!

Later on, as my business evolved, I started writing content.

I wrote about my Framework for PMF

How to get your first B2B customers

How to sell as a shy noob

Compared to the spam I did

These thought authority pieces

Gave me a lifelong stream of inbounds

Not a tiny stream

What I realized was

To truly scale out a business

You need thought leadership

Frameworks that people follow

Unique value doesn’t come through generic SEO articles

Nor does it come from spamming

If you want people to be sold before they even meet you

You need to sell your stories

Because your stories are worth more than gold.

If you’re like me and want to sell your stories, but are too lazy

I found a hack.

I built an AI system to turn all my recordings into content.

Then a Stanford writer polishes it.

I end up with tons of LinkedIn and Blog post content.

That share my experiences and my frameworks.

If you’re interested in getting access, go to

Maddie Wang founders of founders cafe solo founder
Maddie Wang
When I was building Founders Cafe ($260k revenue), I had tons of fireside chats, talks, and coaching calls I would spin into articles.

TONS of customers paid me $4k from the stories they saw on my LinkedIn and blog. I knew I needed to scale the process.

I built the initial prototype to solve my own problem. Now I’m working with Pear VC, Contrary Capital, and founder coaches on scaling their content.

I want to help fellow Agencies/Coaches/Marketers who also have a backlog of these conversations, but need a faster way to spin them into blogs.

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