Intimacy is our north star
We’re a group of lifelong founder friends who help each other get to 100k MRR
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This is a highly selective community.

I only let in members who share our values and can contribute to the community

vetTED MEMBERS + support = Intimate community

Our Community

Member-led groups
Members meet once every 2 weeks in groups like Fundraising, SAAS B2B, Solo Founder Accountability Group, Consumer, and more.
Maddie and members lead events like Pitch Deck Review, Product Feedback, Accountability Group, Discussions, Member spotlights, and more.
Quick questions
Members respond to each others questions in <1 hour. I've never seen a single question go unanswered
When you join, I'll intro you to 3-5 members who I think you'd love! Members intro each other to others all the time
Co-founder help
We've helped Paddy, Sarah, etc., find co-founders through our network :)
Members who are fundraising meet  every 2 weeks. They support each other through the fundraising struggles emotionally and tactically.
Maddie Wang founders of founders cafe solo founder
Maddie Wang
Gay / Solo-Founder / Stanford Dropout

I'm building Founders Cafe because as a solo founder, it can be very isolating. Last year, I lost 4 co-founders and a best friend on a previous startup.

Previously built a Minecraft Server ($61k), Amazon Store ($120k), and Queer Chart, where I met my girlfriend & close friends.

If you're interested in joining the Founders Cafe, let's talk and if it's a good fit, down to invite you!

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