Generic content doesn’t sell

September 8, 2023

Generic content doesn’t sell

What do you think would convert more customers

The jasper-written article called “5 Ways to please customers”


“How I got 95% retention [B2B SAAS]”

One provides no value.

The other is loaded with INSIGHTS!!


Not generic crap!

When I was trying to grow Founders Cafe, I tried SEO ranking with hundreds of generic blogs.

Nothing happened at first.

I thought maybe I needed to wait longer.

I waited a year.

Very little revenue was generated.

My blog looked like garbage.

When I started selling my real stories, I started getting people paying me $4k referencing that specific article as to why they’re joining.

I remember during my calls, people would say things like

“I read your Medium articles. I’ve been using your B2B framework …”

“Saw your LinkedIn posts. The one on PMF made me realize ….”


All these customers were hot and ready to be sold

I used to think that SEO was king.

But then I look at Google.

And I’m like, “How do I get my first customer”

I don’t remember any brands. I don’t buy from them.


I buy from people I trust.

People who provide me value.

Value comes from real stories and experiences.

Not generic nonsense. >_>

Sell your stories!

The best content comes from real experience.

We help illuminate them.

Maddie Wang founders of founders cafe solo founder
Maddie Wang
When I was building Founders Cafe ($260k revenue), I had tons of fireside chats, talks, and coaching calls I would spin into articles.

TONS of customers paid me $4k from the stories they saw on my LinkedIn and blog. I knew I needed to scale the process.

I built the initial prototype to solve my own problem. Now I’m working with Pear VC, Contrary Capital, and founder coaches on scaling their content.

I want to help fellow Agencies/Coaches/Marketers who also have a backlog of these conversations, but need a faster way to spin them into blogs.

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