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Including Top Founders, Growth teams, and more...

Pejman Nozad
Co-founder of Pear VC
Seed fund with 432M raised.
Stephen Huerta
Co-founder of Modern People Leader
Sam Sawchuk
Head of Growth, Disco (Series A)
Andrew Bartlow
Founder of Series B Consulting
and People Leader Accelerator
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Realized Value

Saved 1 hour per LinkedIn post
Benjamin Debonneville
CEO of
Got 9 inbounds in a month
Andrew Bartlow
CEO @ Series B Consulting

Increased my impressions by 4-5x.

Andrew Bartlow
CEO @ Series B Consulting
(average 2k impressions)
(12k impressions)

92k impressions after 2 weeks

Stephen Huerta

Co-founder of Modern People Leader
(average 2k impressions)
(average 12k impressions)

"Our subscribers hit an all time high"

Stephen Huerta
Co-founder of Modern People Leader

"Got 9 inbounds in 1 month"

Andrew Bartlow
CEO @ Series B Consulting

Example Outputs


Ruthless Prioritization
Repurposed blog post
Andrew Bartlow
CEO @ Series B Consulting

Growth Teams

Scaling a cohort is an art
Repurposed interview series
Sam Sawchuk
Head of Growth @ Disco (Series A)
Don't over-index on Human Ops
Zoom Interview from our team
Stephen Huerta
Co-founder of Modern People Leader
How do you price your course?
Repurposed interview series
Sam Sawchuk
Head of Growth @ Disco (Series A)
Shift from Process to Product
Zoom Interview from our team
Stephen Huerta
Co-founder of Modern People Leader
Perspectives on LLMs
Repurposed fireside chat
Aparna Sinha
Partner @ Pear VC
Don't let ambition drive every decision
Zoom Interview from our team
Daniel Huerta
Co-founder @ Modern People Leader
Biggest problem with fintech companies
Zoom Interview from our team
Emmanuel Richard
Chief Growth Officer @ Opensee (Series A)
CEOs don't understand HR
Repurposed Podcast
Andrew Bartlow
CEO @ Series B Consulting
Pricing your learning business
Repurposed interview series
Disco (Series A)
Company account
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The secret sauce

Generic crap doesn’t sell.

I tried hiring a writer, it was hard to get it right in my voice.

When I started sharing my real stories, I started getting 7 calls the next day after I posted.

The best content comes from real experience. We help illuminate them.

Scale your stories

Our process is creating...

1) Real Stories. We turn your real stories into content. This is what sells people, not generic crap.
2) Scale. Extract your stories from sales calls, past content, or our Zoom Interviews with you
3) Consistency. Our Stanford writer adds final touches, and gives you daily content to post.

The result is 2-3x more inbounds.

For Example:
I used to have a backlog of talks when I was working on Founders Cafe
When I started posting about them, I noticed I got more inbounds for my community
When YC founder paid me $4k after referencing my posts that's when I realized I needed to scale my systems.
Cheap writers made my voice sound generic. The expensive ones were too expensive (10k/month).
I wanted quality at a cost effective price point, so I built Story Mage.

1) We take your existing content (or interview you if you don't have enough).

2) Our AI turns that into 30 days of LinkedIn

3) My Stanford writer adds any polishing if needed

4)) You give the green light and we publish the content!
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How it works

Our goal is to increase your inbounds by 2-3x per month.

Got 9 inbounds in first month
Andrew Bartlow
CEO @ Series B Consulting
1. Apply
We are looking for founders/agencies/growth teams looking to grow their inbounds through consistent thought leadership.
2. First 30 days
1. We'll go over your past content (sales calls, interviews, books, recordings)
2. If we don't have enough content, we will Zoom interview you
3. Next day receive your first post
4. You approve it and schedule content for the month
3.  After 30 days
1. Measure results after first month
2. Setup monthly interviews
3. Schedule content for the month

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How much does this cost?

If you’re treating content creation as a hobby, this service probably isn’t for you. But if you’re serious about increasing inbounds, then investing money in saving time and creating consistent content in your voice seems like a no-brainer. Especially given (a) how much your life can change, and (b) how much money you stand to gain on auto pilot.

Here are the prices:

Grow or your money back

If you're unhappy at any point during the first month, let me know and I will give you a full refund.
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Got 3 inbounds right away

For what it's worth, I paid $5k to sponsor a podcast and got 3 inbounds.
For StoryMage... For a few hundred dollars, I got 3 inbounds and I haven't even been through half of my content.


Saved me 1 hour per LinkedIn post

This is great.. Normally I each LinkedIn post takes me 45m - 1 hour to write. This saved me a lot of time!


Saved me 3-4 hours per blog post's worth paying for


Saved me 8 hours per blog post

Before using Story Mage, I had to manually write each blog post for Pear... Each one would take about 8 hours. Thank you so much Maddie, I loved the output you made for me.

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"I started seeing 3 inbounds within the first few posts. Thanks Maddie!"
- Andrew, founder of Series B Consulting
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Maddie Wang founders of founders cafe solo founder
Maddie Wang
When I was building Founders Cafe ($260k revenue), I had tons of fireside chats, talks, and coaching calls I would turn into content.

I KNEW content was important. But I had no time to write it.

I tried hiring a writer but the content sounded generic/not like me >:(

And all the best ones were like 10k+ a month.

I needed a way to have high quality content at a reasonable price point...

I built the initial prototype to solve my own problem. Now I help thought leaders at Pear VC, Series B Consulting, and Series A growth teams, share their voice.

I want to help fellow Founders and growth teams who also have a backlog of these conversations, and need a way to get consistent, quality thought leadership from them.
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We'll be happy to honestly answer any questions you might have about Storymage, and about whether it's right for you or not.
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How to make content that converts customers (without talking to them!)
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